Harpwood House Care Home

Seven Mile Lane, Wrotham Heath, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN15 7RY

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"Earlier in the afternoon before he had the stroke, he was busy, walking, talking, helping me to clear furniture remaining from a small garden party two days before. About midnight that evening, there was shouting and banging as the stroke struck.

The following 10 weeks were a nightmare! Fortunately; I had worked in a London Postgraduate Teaching Hospital as a speech & language therapist, and quickly became aware of the complete lack of attention or care. In reality, the day the hospital decided they could do no more for him, was a relief! When we had the ‘guided tour’ of Harpwood, we could hardly believe the difference! Care Home – oh yes! In spades! Two days after he came to Harpwood, there couldn’t have been a swifter response to the fact that he was very unwell. The shorter intervals of checking, the fact that we could stay all night & also be checked that we, the family were coping with this situation.

Some weeks later I had the inevitable tears & immediately one of your ladies got me a cuppa and gently helped me to “Pick myself up, dust myself off and start all over again”.

Yes, of course, there have been a few niggles & problems on either side as neither side has had the background to this particular situation! But where we’ve asked questions, we’ve been heard, and I hope if your staff have queries; we have heard them. In fact, the short meeting we had a few weeks ago, was useful to both teams.

All I can say is a huge thank you on behalf to all the lovely caring people now giving him the care and attention he & we need. And thank the fates that there was a room available for him."
Anonymous, 6th December 2023


Harpwood House is a purpose built home for older people with nursing needs. Residents live in care suites which incorporate social space, a dining area and a kitchenette, while they can also spend time with other residents in the communal areas.

The home accommodates both physically frail older people and also older people with dementia type illnesses, with each group living in separate areas within the building. Full 24 hour nursing care is available for all residents, so that most residents can have a home for life within the scheme. Residents’ spouses can also be accommodated, so that couples can stay together even when one develops the need for on-going care.

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