Heaton House Residential Care Home

20-22 Reigate Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN11 5NF

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Many thanks
We all really appreciate the care shown to our aunt at Heaton House.
Clare W
18th May 2017

Such amazing people
Thanks for all your care and support.Thank you so much for the experience and the opportunity to work with such amazing people. It was a real eye opener.
Tamara J
17th May 2017

Heaton House
This home really is a proper home for those that live there. It is small and has a lovely atmosphere. The staff are so friendly and excellent at their jobs. Plus there is always some sort of activity going on for those who want to take part.
17th May 2017

Work experience
To all the staff at Heaton House, thank you so much for making me feel so welcome at your care home. I have really enjoyed doing my work experience with you.
Alissa L
17th May 2017

Excellent care given
My Mother in law lives at Heaton House as her severe front temporal Dementia means sh can no longer live on her own. The staff are very patient and caring and attend to her needs. She requires assistance with all aspects of care and Heaton provide this in a friendly and professional manner. Heaton have constantly kept us updated with her problems and how they are helping her as her illness progresses.
Brian Bennett
28th May 2016

An excellent care home
At Heaton House all the staff are very caring and treat each resident as an individual. My Mum is a resident there and has a rarer type of Dementia. The care manager has taken the time to find out about her Dementia and works closely with me to find the best way to help Mum feel more comfortable and less anxious. The care home is always very clean and smells fresh. They have a variety of activities each day for the residents. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
R Bennett
28th May 2016

Homely care
Over the years the care attention given to the residents is the best I have seen. Nothing is too much trouble and all the staff are polite and attentive.
3rd May 2016

A happy home with lots going on
Heaton House is a happy home with lots going on for the residents. It is kept spotlessly clean. Home cooked meals and freshly baked cakes every day.
M Davison
3rd May 2016

Friendly, helpful, kind, efficient
Lovely environment, always clean and well organised. Very friendly, helpful staff. Always very kind and efficient.
A Blakely
3rd May 2016

Excellent home
Mum has been at Heaton House now for 4 years, sadly she has declined a lot and is now totally bedridden. But the care she has form all staff is excellent, they are very caring, cheerful and efficient so that is very comforting to know when we are not there that she is safe.
29th April 2016

Thank you
Just want to say thank you for bringing in your dogs to see Mum, I appreciate that it was not just her that benefited but I know Mum would have really enjoyed stroking and being with them. A great idea, I hope this might be done again sometime, so many thanks.
J Musgrave
14th January 2016

Work experience
Worthing College and the Health and Social Care Team in particular would like to express their gratitude for the cooperation in supporting our students, by giving them valuable work experience that we could not simulate in the class environment.
N Alliston
14th January 2016

Really pleasant place to visit
Heaton House is a really pleasant place to visit. The staff are all very friendly and polite. The home really is a home, lovely.
P Gray
14th January 2016

Care and kindness
Thank you to all at Heaton House for their care and kindness to Dad. When I saw him yesterday he seemed as close to the Dad I remember as I have seen him for some years.
M Brown
13th January 2016

A warm atmosphere
The atmosphere at Heaton House is warm, with all staff so enthusiastic about the care of all the residents.
J Day
13th January 2016

Kind and thoughtful
We very much appreciate the kindness and thoughtfulness over the past few years. Mum has been very contented during her stay at Heaton House and I know that she appreciated everything that done for her.
13th January 2016

Professional, caring team
Thank you very much to all at Heaton House for all the care given to my relative over the last few months. I appreciate it was not always easy but they are a splendid, professional, caring team giving support where and when needed.
J Still
13th January 2016

Homely and caring
The care at Heaton House was always of the highest standard. All the carers were polite, friendly and helpful at all times. We were able to visit at any time, with or without an appointment, although preferably not at meal times, to avoid confusion of the residents. Being small with a good ratio of carers to residents, my Mum has received individual care and attention, so we have never had to worry about her not being looked after. Mum always seemed very happy whilst at Heaton House.
S Hancock
21st December 2015

Fun, clean place to be
Having been the window cleaner at Heaton House Residential Care Home for over 10 years I can see the care, training and love that goes in to running the home. The fun and interaction that goes on between staff and residents is great to see. There are always activities where residents can get creative which is lovely to see. The bit that stands out from my point of view is the attention to detail in the cleaning, everything is cleaned with great care and not only does it look very clean, it also smells lovely. Keep up the good work Heaton House.
T Gomez
29th July 2015

A friendly, homely, quality service
I have been to Heaton House Residential Care Home in several guises, as the CEO of the Chamber of Commerce when we toured the facilities, met staff and residents along with enjoying a full breakfast. On other occasions I have visited as a guest to view refurbishments or special events with residents. I am very impressed at the standard of the home and attention to detail to provide a friendly, homely, quality service to residents.
T Tilley
9th July 2015

A homely, efficient, caring home
I am able to visit Mum at Heaton House any time and the staff are always very helpful, helping me to dress Mum to go out or to take her to the toilet. There is always a calm, relaxed atmosphere and Mum and the other residents all seem happy. The staff always respond with care and are attentive to the needs of the residents. The home is very clean and tidy. I also feel able to ask questions at any time, the staff contact the GP and myself if there are any medical problems. My thanks to all of the staff.
S Hancock
24th June 2015

Calm and relaxing environment
As soon as we entered Heaton House Residential Care Home we could feel that it was a calm and relaxing environment. The manager was extremely helpful and made us very welcome. It has been one of the hardest decisions to admit Mum to a care home but it has been made so much easier by all of the staff, knowing Mum is getting the best care.
M Bengtsson
22nd June 2015

It is like a family
My Aunt has been a resident at Heaton House for 8 years. I cannot fault her care, the staff have adapted to her needs and I do not believe she could have been cared for any better. I visit daily and see the wonderful way all residents are cared for. There is regular entertainment and activities and I once saw a member of staff break into song while serving lunch. Heaton House is small enough to keep things on a personal level and it is like a family.
P Bennett
15th June 2015

Incredibly professional and caring
The team at Heaton House are incredibly professional and caring. When my grandmother needed care we looked into their home, the standards we saw were excellent.
C Love
11th June 2015

Bright, clean, nice atmosphere
I have been visiting Heaton House for 7 years as a volunteer. I am always made welcome, the staff are always polite and the residents look and seem very well cared for. Heaton House is bright and clean and has a nice atmosphere.
Ann R
11th June 2015

Home form Home
The staff at Heaton House are kind and caring, it is a real home from home.
A Blair
8th June 2015

A lovely atmosphere
We are very happy for our relative to be living at Heaton House. She loves it there, it is a weight off our minds now we don't have to worry about her. She is well looked after and there is a lovely atmosphere.
M Crayford
8th June 2015

A very happy, caring home
Mum has been at Heaton House for nearly 4 years, sadly now bedridden. The care is excellent, they are always very interested in Mum, they turn her every 2 hours, bathe her every day and quietly care for her every need. Not an easy task as she can be a little tricky at times. The team here is mostly constant so they know all of the residents very well. It is always clean and something is usually going on. My mother is cared for really well and this gives me peace of mind. Heaton House is a great place.
Jane M
2nd June 2015

A very caring provider
I have found staff at Heaton House to be kind, caring, good humoured and encouraging. We are made welcome when we visit and we are regularly able to take Mum out. A warm welcome is there for Mum on return and she settles back in happily. Mum enjoys her food and has gained weight. The home is fresh, clean and welcoming, clothing is kept clean. We are grateful for the good care Mum receives.
Susan H
2nd December 2014

Heaton House Residential Care Home in Worthing provides excellent care, recommended.
Raymond T
27th November 2014

A very caring provider
My Mother is very well cared for at Heaton House. her room is clean and tidy. She enjoys the activities and the food is freshly cooked. We are also grateful for the medical care she receives and particularly quick response when an ambulance has been needed. Mrs Davison
Mrs Davison
21st November 2014

Friendly and caring
Heaton House have adapted to my 104 year old Aunts needs wonderfully, even to ordering an easier to use bell for her to use. All of the staff are friendly and helpful and they feel like family. My Aunt is happy here and I am made aware of any changes to her health and what can be done to help her. Pam B
Pam B
21st November 2014

Empathy, care and consideration
As my relatives behaviour becomes more challenging, the staff at Heaton House adapt to her changing needs with empathy, care and consideration. We are contacted whenever there is a need to discuss any aspect of her care, I feel we are kept fully informed.
23rd September 2014

A great care home
Staff at Heaton House provide good, regular attention for my Mother. They are all very caring, kind and wonderful with all residents. They are very constant in their approach and professional. My mother is happy and comfortable, she enjoys her food. A great care home. Jane H
Jane H
16th September 2014

A very caring provider
We are very happy with everything at Heaton House Residential Care Home. Ronald S
Ronald S
10th September 2014

Extremely caring
My Mother has been a resident at Heaton House, Worthing for three years and is very happy, in fact very contented. I have never had any doubts about her care, she sees the staff and residents as part of a loving environment. I am always welcomed into my Mothers home for that is what it is, a home in the true the sense of the word. Lesley D
Lesley D
8th September 2014

Very good care Home
We are very pleased as to the care they are giving 'M' at Heaton House. Nothing is too much trouble. Graham W
Graham W
8th September 2014

Pleasant, caring home
Heaton House Residential Care Home is a most pleasant, caring home with a homely atmosphere. Helen O
Helen O
8th September 2014

A very caring provider
Staff at Heaton House communicate and involve family on health and welfare. Each resident is treated as an individual, the staff are pleasant, friendly and helpful, thoughtful and empathetic. It is kept clean and bright. I have nothing but praise for the caring patient staff and feel confident that my aunts safety are treated as priority Pauline F
Pauline F
3rd July 2014

An excellent, caring provider
Heaton House is light and airy with a garden full of flowers and bird feeders. The staff are warm and friendly on arrival and always offer tea/coffee. The residents are treated as members of a family with kindness and understanding. The meals are varied, home cooked and excellent quality. There are numerous activities most days of the week. Mrs S.A.
Mrs S.A.
2nd June 2014

Heaton House has a good understanding of the problems associated with Dementia
Heaton House provides a good varied array of activities, including trips out. Basic care seems excellent and my relative is always clean, well dressed and well fed. Heaton House is expensive but this is mitigated by the fact that I have peace of mind that my relative is very well taken care of Mr CJ Collins
Mr CJ. C.
20th May 2014

I would be happy to think my family would consider Heaton House should I develop Dementia. My relative looks forward to pudding and wishes the portions were bigger! Helen O
Helen O
9th May 2014

Very happy
Very happy with the care at Heaton House Residential Home Ronald S
Ronald S
9th May 2014

Caring, friendly, patient
My Mother has been at Heaton House for over 3 yrs, we have always found them to be caring and friendly, enormous patience with all the residents living there. Sadly my Mother is now bed bound, this brings extra problems which they handle very well. My Mother can be difficult, angry at times but they have real understanding for her situation, this doesn't change during the night or day. The staff are truly stunning. It's not posh but the care outweighs any lack of other needs Jane M
Jane M
9th May 2014

Always time to talk
Sally and the staff at Heaton House are always ready to listen and talk about residents, to their relatives even in busy times. It feels like a big family and I am happy for my very elderly relative to end her days here Pam B
Pam B
1st May 2014