Magnolia House

20-22 Broadway, Sandown, Isle Of Wight, PO36 9DQ

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Providing a real home for long term residents
My friend was found this placement by Social Services 5 years ago as she was no longer able to get out of bed at night to use the commode. She was not easy to care for, being stubborn and attention seeking and unwilling to accept for the first year that her care needs could not be met if she returned to her flat. Over the years she more appreciated the kindness and friendship of the individual carers and as she saw the carers so frequently, as they helped her they become the most important part of her life as she had no close family. Latterly, as my friend entered her late nineties, her care needs increased to include needing to be fed and helped to drink which was much more time consuming to the care team, but she was given all the care she needed with sympathy and fondness from the individual carers. I am most grateful to everyone at Magnolia House.
Joan H
13th December 2017

Tender care and kindness
Thank you all so much for for tender care and kindness to me.
12th June 2017

Thank you
Thank you all so much for looking after our mum.
12th June 2017

Very caring and understanding
I would first like to thank all the staff at the above care home for all the care and attention they give to my husband as he has settled down much better than I ever thought he would as he is the most argumentative and aggressive person to be able to cope with. As I am disabled myself it got too much for me to be able to handle him even with carers coming night and morning so to me it was my lifeline. I can now rest knowing that he is in the best possible place so thank you again and I would not hesitate to recommend Magnolia House in the future.
L. Wing
2nd June 2017

Magnolia House
Even though I left Magnolia House to work closer to home I feel I owe a big thank you to Magnolia House for the experience, knowledge and training they have given me and made me more confident in my role. I am now able ot fully use my initiative and understand what is expected of me as a carer.
Steven S
25th May 2017

Magnolia House
My stay at Magnolia House is lovely, I am most impressed, the social events are great. I enjoy the food and the carers are very good. They have provided me with my own office area so I can 'go to work' every day. I miss my old GP but understand I have to be registered at the local medical centre.
Edward O
25th May 2017

Magnolia House
I have been working at Magnolia House for about 4 years now and in these years I have seen that the residents are cared for with dignity and respect. They have various activities during the day which include sing alongs, slide shows and many other things. The home also arranges parties for Christmas, Easter etc. I am very happy working within this home and the manager at Magnolia has recently helped me to promote myself.
Teresa D
17th May 2017

Magnolia House
I have been here twice and this stay at Magnolia House has been my longest. I have been very, very happy and made friends while being here. I am now going home to be with my husband but want to come back to Magnolia House on day respite each week so I can continue to be part of Magnolia's family and see all my friends. All the care assistants and other staff are all wonderful and have made me feel welcome. I have been crying today as I have to go home and will miss everyone.
Catherine N
17th May 2017

Proud to work at Magnolia House
I have worked at Magnolia House for nearly two years. I have been and I am very happy working in this home. I enjoy outings with residents and helping at various parties we have during the year. I really enjoyed the visiting donkey we had visit our residents int he garden so all the residents could see the donkey. I work nights but when I come in in daytime for training I see our residents playing games, singing along to music or watching a slide show. I am proud to say I work at Magnolia House.
Kirstine P
17th May 2017

Help and understanding
Thank you for your help and understanding with the situation regarding my father, it was greatly appreciated. Also, how quickly you responded in assessing Dad. Dad is happy with his carers and 3 visits from them daily and is settling into a new routine. He cannot drive anymore and no longer has a car. Thank you once again.
Joan K
12th April 2017

Very satisfied
Very satisfied for the time my sister was with you.
1st September 2016

A big thank you
A big thank you to all the staff for helping me in a big way.
J Smith
24th June 2016

A very good care home
The home looked after my Grandmother very well for the time she was there, just over a year and a half.
M Stevens
14th June 2016

A big thank you
I would like to say a big thank you to all of the staff at Magnolia House for the great way they looked after Mum during her stay and up to her passing. Their professionalism, tenderness and caring attitude was always evident and knowing she was in safe hands was a great comfort.
S Pears
6th November 2015

So grateful for all that they do
I read with interest the report in the County Press from the CQC and agree whole heartedly with what was written. My family and I are so grateful for all that they do for our relative.
M Charleswaite
5th October 2015

Article in the County Press
Residents of a Sandown care home felt safe, enjoyed their food and were treated with kindness and compassion, a health watchdog found. An inspection by the Care Quality Commission, CQC, rated Magnolia House in Broadway as good overall and good at offering a safe, effective, caring, responsive and well led service. One resident said 'You don't have any worries here. I can walk with help, I kept falling at home'. A family member said they know their relative was 'safe and comfortable'. Appropriate policies to protect people form abuse were in place, there were enough staff and risks such as falling, nutrition and pressure injuries were handled safely. Residents praised the food and staff did not rush people as they ate. Staff were also said to be knowledgeable about dementia and were also praised by the residents themselves. One said 'The staff are absolutely the best you could find. They really care about us. They are kind, loving people'.
29th September 2015

Staff are engaging and fun
I always enjoy training at Magnolia House, the staff are very engaging and fun to train. The training room is large enough with no disturbances.
Colin P
8th June 2015

My relatives are extremely well looked after
As far as I have observed on my visits, my relatives are extremely well looked after. When my aunt was in hospital the home has shown an extremely caring attitude, phoning the hospital etc.
Pauline W
1st June 2015

Caring, polite, clean and spacious
The staff at Magnolia House are very caring and polite to residents and visitors and to my mother. The standard of care is very high, her room is always very clean as is her bedding. The home is spacious and has a lovely garden where residents can sit. My Mother seems very happy and I am too, knowing that she is at Magnolia House.
Jane H
29th May 2015

A perosn centred approach
I visit Magnolia House in a professional manner as a training provider for staff. They are all very polite, well presented. They promote a person centred approach and communicate well with the residents, adapting their methods to meet each individuals needs. They always show respect and promote rights and choices in aspects of care. The staff are accommodating and welcoming, the house is clean and they provide a variety of activities to suit all levels of abilities.
Anita R
14th May 2015

A very friendly place
I think everyone at Magnolia House foes their best, it is a very friendly place. It always looks very clean and I find the staff are very helpful.
8th May 2015

A fabulous care home
Every member of staff at Magnolia House is to be commended. Their enthusiasm and commitment to training is to be recognised as their reinforcement to continues professional development. Both the staff and service users are a delight to spend time with, and the positive atmosphere upon walking through the door speaks volumes about the quality of the care enjoyed within. Well done all at Magnolia House, this is the way it should be done.
Maureen H
8th May 2015

Kind, cheerful and pleasant
I would like to express my sincere thanks to all of the staff at Magnolia House for the care given to my relative. Everyone was so kind, cheerful and pleasant, it has made a difficult time that much less stressful. The staff are totally committed to their residents which fills me with admiration.
9th April 2015

Professional, dedicated, caring and kind
I have found all staff at Magnolia House to be professional, dedicated, caring and kind. I have watched them deal with several residents, not just my Dad, and if you need to be in a home this one ticks all the boxes. All staff work as a team and show great patience and understanding for the residents and families. The food seems to be appreciated by the residents.
Chris L
1st April 2015

A home from home
My mother has lived at Magnolia House for 3 years, the care and help she is given is second to none. My mother needs care but she also needs a little independence which she is given, with a lot of understanding. Magnolia House provides a variety of entertainment which all residents are encouraged to join in. The care enables us to visit and have quality time with my mother and we are kept informed at all times.
AJ Woodford
4th December 2014

Very caring and professional
I am very grateful to Magnolia House for the way they looked after my Father when he became ill. They acted quickly by calling an ambulance and informing me right away. They treated him with care and dignity, thank you to all the staff at Magnolia House.
Lesley B
2nd December 2014

A very caring provider
My husband has only been in Magnolia House for 2 months but during this time he has been extremely well cared for and shown every consideration by everyone in the home. Mrs C
Mrs C
13th November 2014

Our sincere thanks
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all staff at Magnolia House for the brilliant care and attention shown to 'F'. It has been a difficult time which has been much relieved by the loving care and attention of each and every member of staff. Marion C
Marion C
13th November 2014

All staff were really lovely
When I arrived at Magnolia House for respite care I thought it was very nice and very welcoming. All staff were really lovely and I could talk to them about anything. I was tense when I arrived but the carers made me feel at ease and welcomed. The management team were very helpful to me. Jean H
Jean H
7th November 2014