Shedfield Lodge Residential Care Home

St Annes Lane, Shedfield, Southampton, Hampshire, SO32 2JZ

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Shedfield Lodge
My father has been a resident now for 17 months and is visited daily by either my sister or myself, we have always found him to be comfortable, well fed, and very clean. If we have any concerns at all, no matter how trivial, staff are always on hand immediately to resolve the issue. They are all, without exception, extremely caring and helpful
Denise E
12th January 2018

A friendly welcoming home
Over the years my mother has been a resident of Sheffield Lodge I have seen many changes to the building and in the care of the residents all very positive. It's always been a friendly welcoming home with many of the staff working there for years. A bond was built between the family and staff and any concerns were quickly acted upon. It's certainly evolved over the years to a comfortable , caring and home from home facility where my mother was safe, well looked after and loved. The family who own this care home are very hands on with members of the family working in the home showing a great deal of compassion. It's far from an easy job but smiles are common place. I can't thank all the staff enough for their kindness and patience shown to my mum over the years and would highly recommend the care home to anyone who sadly has to enrol a loved into a care home. It's the residents home first and foremost, very cosy and in delightful surroundings.
Jackie Clifford
10th January 2018

Shedfield Lodge
Following two falls in one day, the staff at Shedfield Lodge dealt with my Mothers' needs in a professional and caring manner, keeping me informed as to their actions and my Mother's wellbeing throughout. This event exemplifies the care that my mother receives from all staff, genuinely thoughtful and always kind. I would recommend Shedfield Lodge highly - whilst all may not be perfect, the staff do their utmost at all times and I am reassured that my Mother is being properly cared for.
Paul R
8th January 2018

Dedicated Staff
The staff are experienced and very knowledgable in their duties. Very dedicated to achieving their best in whatever task they do.
4th January 2018

They are caring and really helped my Mother settle in
My mother has been in Shedfield Lodge for 2 1/2 years, at first i was very upset and worried that she would hate it. She did react strongly for the first couple of weeks, asking when she was going home, then she started to settle down. The staff are very caring and always prompt in letting us know of any doctor or nurse visits, or any others issues that might crop up.Yesterday we sampled the food that is provided, it was delicious.would be happy to eat there every day.
24th November 2017

Shedfield Lodge Residential Care Home
My father has been a resident for 15 months now. He is visited every day by both my sister and I. If we have any concerns at all, no matter how trivial, action is always taken immediately. I know that I speak for my whole family when I say that we couldn't have chosen a better home from home for him.
Denise E
10th November 2017

Shedfield Lodge
From what I understand as an infrequent visitor the residents are well cared for and safely accommodated.
8th November 2017

Caring, Proffessional and home values at heart
The care staff go above and beyond to give the utmost care to the residents. Nothing is never too much for them to ensure everyone's needs are met. Always there to care with a friendly smile.
Mark Faulkes
7th November 2017

Care at Shedfield Lodge
The care given to residents at Shedfield is very caring with lots of smiles. My husband has settled very well even when he was at his most awkward nothing was too much trouble from the management to carers also domestics. They all do an exceptional job there.
Pam Baker
7th November 2017

My Dad
My dad is extremely happy in the care home and the staff are all so lovely and caring, the home should be very proud of their staff.
5th November 2017

Thank you very much
Thank you very much for all the love and care that Mum received. Mum loved this home, the people and the food.
5th September 2017

A big thank you
A big thank you to all the staff for taking good care of my Mum.
19th July 2017

Shedfield Lodge
Thank you all so very much for all the wonderful care you gave 'P' over the years, he was really happy and at home with you all.
27th June 2017

We know that he was very well cared for
I would just like to say thank you for all you did for 'F'. We know that he was very well cared for at Shedfield Lodge. We know he enjoyed his time with you.
Mollie And Family
5th June 2017

We are all so very grateful
Thank you so much for looking after Mum and taking good care of her over the past 2 weeks. We are all so very grateful to every one of you.
Sue L.M.
5th June 2017

Your staff are an absolute credit to you
We would just like to say thank you so much for welcoming Dad into your care. Your staff are an absolute credit to you, reflecting on the high standard that you expect. We will always be grateful to you.
4th May 2017

Lovely staff
To all the lovely staff who have looked after 'B' with so much care and devotion, I shall always be very grateful.
J And D
5th April 2017

I would recommend this care facility as my father was a resident before he passed away. He loved it and was very well cared for,
Valerie S
28th March 2017

Thank you for many things
Thank you many things, caring for my mother for nearly 5 years, devoting time to her in her final days, dealing with the aftermath sensitively and a very thoughtful card of sympathy.
Julian F
10th March 2017

A wonderful day
I'd just like to say thank you to all your staff for a wonderful day yesterday at the Garden party. It looked to me as if many of the residents enjoyed themselves as did there family's. The petting farm was great and the weather behaved itself!! It's been great to see all these activities at the home happening even if we've not always managed to attend them ourselves. What a great team you have, so caring, when for many families, I'm sure, it can be so hard to watch our loved ones slip slowly away from us. Pat on the back to all and thank you again. Medals all around.
J Clifford
6th September 2016

Garden Party
Just wanted to say what an absolutely fabulous afternoon we had at the garden party. Shedfield Lodge really pulled out all the stops. It was really lovely. All the staff are so amazing with the residents and it is lovely to know how well my Nan is being cared for.
M Fowler
6th September 2016

Quality person centred and caring
The home was well run, the atmosphere was great, the residents were all involved and the staff were incredibly kind and friendly to the residents. Such a refreshing experience.
A Sorisi
11th August 2016

Untitled review
When my husband was not so advanced with his Alzheimer's I thought they were great. As I know he is getting worse I feel that the times I have asked for advice and information they have been very dismissive to me and in fact I now feel I no longer want to talk to them. This is I think an important part of a care home.
25th July 2016
Shedfield Lodge Residential Care Home replied on 7th July 2016:
After reading the comment we were very concerned to understand that a family member was feeling this way. We followed up with the family member to make sure that we addressed any concerns and discussed the root causes. We have rigorous processes in place for contacting family members when a service users condition or well-being changes, however in this case a higher level of interaction had been expected. We discussed how dementia can unfortunately lead to good days and bad days and therefore contact with the family members makes allowance for these regular fluctuations. We came to understand that assisting the family member to further understand dementia may help alleviate the concerns being expressed, and therefore suggested that it would be beneficial to come and join our staff in the home for one of the regular courses on dementia awareness being held. This offer was gladly accepted and she explained to me that she was scared of letting go. I reassured her that is not the case and a better understanding of dementia will help. Our manager and head of care will continue to follow up with the family to make sure that they are feeling more comfortable as we move forwards.

A supportive and caring provider
My Mother has been in Shedfield Lodge for 1 year, the staff are very kind and friendly. If there are any issues at all they ring to inform me the same day. Mum was very unhappy for a couple days on going in to care, she has Alzheimers, and was very angry. She was forever falling and having accidents, burning things etc and we could no longer care for her properly at home. She is a changed person, eating well, joining in all activities and the main thing is she is safe.
S Fowler
15th March 2016

Kindness and patience guaranteed
The setting is very pleasant and the staff, the very essence of the care package, are excellent. Calm, thoughtful and very good at keeping relatives informed. The food is excellent and a variety of activities are offered every week. My mind is at rest with regard to my mother's care.
J Foster
15th March 2016

Shedfield Lodge Residential Care Home
Dear everyone including temporary staff, Of course it is sad when somebody under your care passes away and perhaps in your business you see it a little more than most. However having said that, as a former funeral director perhaps I would have beaten you all. But put that aside for a moment as it was nothing more than an attempt at a little humour. When my mother moved into your home I came down to see her and we were both showed in and made to feel very comfortable. My wife and I were both offered a cup of tea, and within the next ten minutes three other offers of tea from other members of staff. In addition we were asked other questions about mum with the intention of making her stay more pleasurable. Well, I know you all did your best as one day after returning from a stay in hospital she said it was good to be home. Home! Well that must be about the best compliment you can get from an inmate. In one word it says so many things about what you did and how you helped to make her stay as comfortable as possible. It must be very difficult to deal with a patient who has dementia; can say only a few words if that, and who needs help with everything other than watching television. From what I know you all did it with style and panache and the care was the very best. Thank you all so very much for taking care of mum.
Bruce S
12th January 2016

Reassuring Care
I am writing to express the thanks of myself and my sisters to both you and your staff for the care and consideration you all showed to mum during her stay with you. It was reassuring to know that she was being cared for so well.
Mr Barnmard
23rd December 2015

We Will Always Be Grateful
We were very impressed by the compassion, care and genuine concern with which all the staff treated mum and ourselves. During the 18 months mum spent at Shedfield she was happy and this was due to the attitude of all of you and the personal attention which you gave to her. We will always be grateful to you.
Mr & Mrs Jennings
22nd December 2015

Exemplary Care
I would like to express my gratitude and thanks for the extremely professional and smooth reception by the staff of Shedfield Lodge, who received me upon attending an emergency call which took place at the address earlier today concerning an elderly gentleman. The friendly nature of the staff was welcoming upon my arrival and they ensured that information flowed freely to me when asking about the patients existing conditions, when unsure of they swiftly found the information I needed. Please pass on my sincere thanks and gratitude to those members of staff who assisted my in the early moments of the call. I attend a large number of rest/care homes in the execution of my role and meet many care staff. I am pleased to say that your staff were quite exemplary and I shall not forget them.
Response Medic
22nd December 2015

Could Not Be A Nicer Home
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all your staff at Shedfield Lodge for the loving care you have taken of mum for so many years now. We as a family do appreciate that she could not be in a nicer home. It is such a comfort she has found a home where all her needs are met.
Mrs Green
22nd December 2015