St Vincent House, Southsea

St Vincent House, 20-21 Clarance Parade, Southsea, Hampshire, PO5 3NU

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Very reliable, efficient and considerate
My mother moved to St Vincents in December 2013. She maintained full awareness until her death in September 2017 but was effectively bed ridden. She was extremely happy at St Vincents and she could be quite demanding about standards (formerly a nurse and then a practice manager). The staff were friendly and efficient and my mother felt very pampered. From an administrative view point the company could not be faulted. Accounts were always correct and we were always kept informed of my mother's condition.
Iain R
15th November 2017

Staffed with patient and knowledgeable carers
St Vincents have been an exceptional home, in terms of the initial welcome for both the person moving in and the family. The care is outstanding with attention to all details, medical and care. Thank you St Vincents for your kindness to our relative. We thought it was an excellent home, especially for people with Dementia.
Sheila B
9th November 2017

Friendly home with family atmosphere
We selected this home mainly on the basis of location and that there was a room available at the time. The home struggles a bit because of the physical nature of the building, 2 old houses joined together, several staircases, tiny old lift, exposed to sea winds etc. However the team of staff are extremely well led my the manager and are all personable and friendly and keen to learn more about our relative and past life. We could ask for updates at any time. We were always made to feel welcome when visiting, given drinks, invited for meals etc. Some flexibility re meals time if taking relative out. Improved monitoring of laundry so clothes do not get muddled.
5th October 2017

A happy and caring environment
I was heartened to see how you all cared for my Uncle during the time he lived you. I say lived as opposed to stayed as it is obvious from all the stories you have told me and the photographs you so kindly provided that you helped him live out his final years in a happy and caring environment where he could enjoy himself and feel part of a family again. I have not been to many care homes but I have to admit that having visited you at St Vincents the overriding perception is one where the care of the people staying with you is paramount. So once again I would like to thanks you on behalf of my family for making his final years the happiest they could be.
David T
28th September 2017

St Vincent House
Thank you so much for caring for my uncle during his later years. It means so much to know he was given so much care and enjoyment.
28th September 2017

Cared for as an individual
Thank you so much for the very kind care and friendship you have given my aunt since St Vincent became her home in January 2015. it has been so reassuring for all the family to know that she was being well looked after by such a dedicated team of staff who showered professionalism, compassion, patience and kindness in abundance. When she first moved in and was more lucid she told us on one visit that she really liked the posh hotel. We were always made welcome when we visited and treated to coffee and biscuits. If our visit was over lunchtime we were offered lunch or sandwiches. All the staff were keen to talk to us and find out more information about our aunt's life before she came into the home. It was lovely to know she was being cared for as an individual.
Sue J
28th September 2017

Thank you
Thank you all very much for looking after our parents.
Julie H
28th September 2017

St Vincent House, Southsea
My thanks for the consideration given to my relative during her stay with you.
28th September 2017

Fantastic Care
My uncle lived at St Vincent House for his final years. Although he was suffering with dementia and other mental problems the care St Vincent afforded him during this time was exemplary. They make a massive effort to ensure the people in their care have as normal life as possible with many varied events organised to keep them active.
David Tanner
29th August 2017

A positive atmosphere
Caring for the individual and more than that, well trained. Staff understood what they were doing and why, not just 'nice' to people. Their concern is to keep residents occupied ie good activities and plenty of them. Hugely impressed by the end of life care. Unfailingly kind and supportive to visiting family members.
25th August 2017

Dedicated team
Thank you all for the dedication you and your team provide at St Vincent's in Southsea. I am so very grateful.
23rd August 2017

Thank you
Thank you to all the staff for looking after my mother so well when she was poorly recently.
Margaret S
31st January 2017

Excellent care and support which extends to the relatives as well
Our relative has been living at St Vincents for 2 years now and we are impressed with the quality of care not just for her but we also find that this care is extended to family members too. This is very reassuring as we are not local. We acknowledge that it can't be easy caring for many residents some of whom have complex needs, however the staff are always very welcoming and friendly and care for the residents with empathy. Not only is the caring side of the home well run but so too is the admin side and emails are promptly answered and any queries, concerns or information required is dealt with kindly and efficiently. Irene, the very personable manager, does a great job heading up such a good team. Thank you all so much.
20th January 2017

Very caring and friendly
Impressed with care and activities. Would have used the care home more but my husband is now in hospital.
20th December 2016

Care, love and understanding
St Vincent House staff looked after my Dad with care, love, understanding and kindness from the first day there until the end of his life. Dad always told me that the care he was receiving was excellent and that meant it was! He was treated with respect at all times and I had complete peace of mind knowing he was so well cared for.
K Goodenough
14th June 2016

Review meeting
Staff are always courteous, relaxed atmosphere in home. Environment clean, bright, comfortable. Knowledge and interest of manager evident regarding care of dementia. Individuality of residents respected. Staff very supportive with arrangements organising review meetings ie contacting relatives, ensuring privacy and speedy response to requests. Innovative with recreation, entertainment, ideas for residents.
T Sanders
28th May 2016

Lovely atmosphere
Nice to see so many smiles, there is a lovely atmosphere at St Vincent House, as usual.
Joy B
12th January 2016

Everyone is so lovely and happy here
My thanks to St Vincent House for a lovely Christmas afternoon. Everyone is so lovely and happy here, it is wonderful to see my Grandad in such a warm and friendly palce that we are all pleased he calls his home.
12th January 2016

A lovely afternoon as always
Thank you for a lovely afternoon as always. So lovely to see Dad relaxed and enjoying the music and fun, you are all wonderful.
12th January 2016

Thank you
Thank you to the staff at St Vincent House Southsea for taking such good care of my Mum.
M Mason
24th September 2015

Cheerful and respectful
Staff at St Vincent House in Southsea are always cheerful and respectful to the residents. The food is excellent as confirmed by family occasions. Staff are always striving to find more ways to interest and entertain the residents with lots of visits and visitors and in house activities.
S Lipscomb
17th June 2015

Trips on Wetwheels
The staff from St Vincents were lovely, you could see that they all genuinely care about their residents ensuring they all enjoyed their experience and were happy and comfortable throughout their trip. They showed that there were no barriers to putting their residents first and helping them to do something that was a bit different.
Karen At Wetwheels
5th February 2015

Friendly caring staff
My relative has been at St Vincents for 2 weeks and so far we have been very impressed by the whole staff. The orientation process was superb, within an hour of her arrival we had an email with photos and stating how everyone was helping her to settle into her new home.
4th February 2015

One of the best homes I have encountered
St Vincents House Southsea is welcoming, friendly, calm and one of the best homes I have encountered. They are patient centred, all very approachable, kind and caring. All residents appear very settled and calm in their manner. Overall a very successful visit to St Vincent House, a wonderful, caring and forward thinking home.
Sharon S, Research Nurse
2nd December 2014

Excellent care
St Vincent House in Southsea provides excellent all round care. Recommended. John D
John D
21st November 2014

Cannot fault the care, a very special home
Cannot fault the care at St Vincent Southsea, Mother is happy and well looked after. Whenever we come in the staff are so kind to us. We would have no qualms about telling people to send their loved ones to this very special home. D.G.
13th November 2014

Treated with the utmost care and respect
My friend has been treated with the utmost care and respect at St Vincent Southsea. I visit twice a week and am always welcomed by the friendly staff. Lovely sea front location, a beautiful outlook from the patio garden. I would like to think that if I ever need care this is the place I would choose. John H
John H
13th November 2014

Friendly, compassionate and professional
We find the staff at St Vincent House Southsea friendly, compassionate and professional and the most important thing, 'P' is happy. New treatment facility is fantastic, everything to hand, makes for a much nicer experience for the patients, tidy and very clean. E Johns, District Nurse
E Johns, District Nurse
10th November 2014

Welcoming and courteous team
Always look forward to visiting St Vincent in Southsea. Staff are extremely helpful and answer any questions we have. Impressed with the new clinical area and treatment chair, will make my job easier to provide dental treatment to the residents. Excellent care establishment. Vicky J
Vicky J
10th November 2014

Welcoming, caring and c ompassionate
We have been caring for the teeth of the residents of St Vincent House Southsea for many years, we are always warmly welcomed and information we have requested is always completed by the staff. Residents are treated with respect and always seem happy. Some staff members go above and beyond and nothing is ever too much trouble. Kath H
Kath H
10th November 2014

Excellent care home
St Vincent House in Southsea provides excellent care, recommended. David T
David T
7th November 2014

Friendly, warm and understanding staff
As an outside agent coming in to deliver Dance Mobility I find St Vincent House Southsea friendly and warm with understanding staff. The need for physical activity is well recognised within this care setting and staff are always happy to help and get involved. Claire R
Claire R
7th November 2014

Staff are understanding
My needs are met at St Vincent House Southsea. I enjoy coffee mornings and activities are there if you want to join in. The staff are understanding and there is a good choice of food. The one to one outing to shop and have lunch was very nice. Maisie W
Maisie W
5th November 2014

A very special place
St Vincent House provides a home from home for the residents. From the moment you enter you realise that it is very special home. It is well organised, calm, welcoming, clean and tidy. The staff are really caring, kind, nothing seems to be too much trouble. Residents are treated as individuals and with the utmost respect. We could not have found a better home for our father. Karin G
Karin G
5th November 2014

Lovely home, lovely staff
So happy that my old pal 'B' is in such a lovely home (St Vincent House) and being taken care of by such lovely staff. John H
John H
17th October 2014

They allow residents to be themselves
St Vincent House allow residents to be themselves and do not have to stick to rigid routines. Shirley L
Shirley L
17th October 2014

They make mums life comfortable and enjoyable
I am enormously grateful to the staff at St Vincents for the care they take of my mum and all they do to make her life comfortable and enjoyable. Thank you! Melanie M
Melanie M
17th October 2014

Lovely home, always welcome
The staff at St Vincent House work hard, the residents are all happy and well looked after. Lots of work has gone into the home over the last 3 years I have been coming. I enjoy coming to do the hair, lovely home, always welcome. Debbie A
Debbie A
15th October 2014

Everything is excellent
The staff at St Vincent House in Southsea take great care of my brother who appears to be very happy living there. Very many thanks, everything is excellent. Ronald M
Ronald M
14th October 2014

Home from home, lovely staff, always happy
The staff at St Vincent look after Mother very well, she always talks about the activities and the garden is lovely to sit in. Just keep on caring the way you do, the staff are lovely to Mum and to us and they have a very hard job day in day out. Patricia R
Patricia R
14th October 2014

The Dementia Sensory Garden
The Dementia Sensory Garden at St Vincent House, such a transformation. A lot of extra hard work on their part but well worth it, well done to all concerned. Sue and Richard
Sue And Richard
13th October 2014

A welcoming home
St Vincent House in Southsea is such a welcoming home, an inspiration to all the inhabitants. June W
June W
13th October 2014

Caring and friendly
The Dementia Sensory Garden at St Vincent House provides a wonderful environment for the residents. The staff are also wonderful, so caring and friendly. Pat L
Pat L
13th October 2014

Dementia sensory garden, lovely idea
The dementia sensory garden at St Vincent House is a lovely idea for the residents to enjoy. Dee C
Dee C
10th October 2014

Garden is great
Garden at St Vincents in Southsea is great, lots of hard has paid off, very relaxing for the residents. Joy B
Joy B
10th October 2014

Lovely afternoon
Thank you to all at St Vincent House for a lovely afternoon, we always enjoy your open days. Jim and Sue
Jim And Sue
10th October 2014

The garden has a seaside feel
The Dementia Sensory Garden at St Vincent House is lovely with a fantastic seaside feel. Well done, I am sure the residents will love it. Diane M

9th October 2014

Staff are a credit to the home
The beautiful garden at St Vincent House provides a lovely environment, and the wonderful staff are a credit to the home. Madi G
Madi G
9th October 2014

Absolutely fantastic
The Dementia Sensory Garden at St Vincents is absolutely fantastic. What a lot of hard work, lovely family atmosphere. Love Mums beach hut. Well done and thank you to all. Linda B
Linda B
9th October 2014

Staff work so hard
The staff at St Vincent House have worked so hard to make a beautiful garden for the residents. What a wonderful event to celebrate its completion. Barbara F
Barbara F
9th October 2014

Worlds apart
St Vincent House is worlds apart, wonderful garden, I was speechless when I saw it. There is nothing I would change and if I had the chance I would move in today. Louise and Kevin
Louise And Kevin
9th October 2014

Delightful garden
What a delightful garden and event. Congratulations. I am sure the residents at St Vincent House will love it. Ian C, CQC

8th October 2014

Grand location, wonderful garden
What a grand location and a wonderful garden, the staff at St Vincent House should be so proud. Steve W

8th October 2014