Willow Tree Lodge

74 Kiln Road, Fareham, Hampshire, Hampshire, PO16 7UJ

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"I just wanted to say that my daughter and I had a very pleasant week with Mum. She seems very content and we loved celebrating her birthday with the staff and residents. Lucky for us D.P. was there - it made it very special. We took her to the Red Lion for lunch. 'J' bugged her a bit about her age and she hid her birthday card with the number on it as she has always kept her age a secret - this was lovely to see as some things don't change even with dementia. A big thank you and to all the staff.
I mentioned to 'W' how great it is to see all the residents come to life when there is an entertainer. She suggested I put it in an email. I think I have mentioned to you that following the death of my brother 16 years ago my mum had said she was too sad to sing but right from her first afternoon at Willow Tree Lodge she has been joyfully singing and dancing along to all the tunes sung to the residents. It's really great to see. I know that without the entertainment she would feel bored and depressed. It is a welcome distraction from her failing memory and gives her day a purpose."
Samantha, 18th October 2018


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